Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What is happening to our warped de-cluttering?????

Well, I kinda let life derail my de-cluttering.  What in my life has derailed me?  TV!  The boys were watching the DVR, and all I heard was "I saw that, that is a repeat."  I thought WHAT are we doing?  What could we be doing?  So, I am cutting cable out of our lives.  There are SO many other things to fill our lives with.  Risk, Monopoly, UNO....family night, reading.  So this Friday, it all goes bye-bye!  We will be keeping internet though.  We figured we will be saving $840.00 a year!

So, on to our next adventure in de-cluttering and rebuilding our family!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Warped cleaning.

Well, our cleaning adventure has slowed down somewhat.  I did take about 20 boxes to GW so far so I guess that is progress.  I have another 10 to go right now.  Time to get back on that wagon!
What have I been doing?  I have freshened up our door trims looks brighter and fresher too!  It has been too cold to work on the door trim but that will come in its own time.  Next is closets and window trims.
Maybe some Pintrest pins too......

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Warped New Years Resolutions

This year I guess I only had one thing I wanted to do.  Clean, organize, declutter.  Fifteen days into my adventure, I am doing great!  Another load to go to the Goodwill tomorrow.  We have So much stuff that we don't even use, look at, nor think about.  Time to simplify.