Thursday, May 12, 2011

cleaning and organizing

So far this is turning out to be a good spring/summer! Lots done already, my goal this year is to do something everyday. If it is cleaning, crafting, or yard work. When I was little I had 2 minute chores (comerical breaks). I think I will revamp and do 10 - 15 minute chores after my regular things are done for the day. I really want the garage (3 stalls) cleaned so me and the MIL can park in the garage this winter. That is going to be a HUGE task! So on to what warped things I did yesterday!

What a busy day yesterday! I decided to clean and organize our breezeway.

What a MESS!!! But now....

I was also able to organize my garden area...i do not have a before. TRUST was all over the floor instead of put away!

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