Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ok! and here we go!

With the weather as it has been, I have had to be selective with outside projects. It has been HOT HOT HOT!!

My warped boys have been playing pokeman. Their game board was a piece of paper that was ripped and destroyed! So, on the other side of our checker board I painted a new playing board.

As you can tell they love it! They are outside all the time playing!

On our arbor we have a black berry bush growing, well on the other side I had another one but it died (tear). I was at the store and found one for 3.00!! SCORE!!

You can also see the gladiolas blooming in the background! so pretty! I also found a small goldenrod plant for 3.00 also it is next to the gladolias.

....I know there is something else.....if so I will do another post!

Have a great day!!!

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