Wednesday, April 25, 2012

warped back yard almost done!!!

This is what we have completed so far!  Lots and lots of mulch!!

I love how the table and chairs turned out!  My warped husband would like to router a checker board in the actual log........maybe.  The warped little ones cant wait for it to be nice and use it!

This area is still up in the air.  I would like a bench in between the pots of herbs.  Well it is a small up in the air.  ;)

Here are some before and after.....

(the bed pictured on the right now has rhubarb and asparagus!)

Hope you enjoy!  Thank you to my warped little ones for getting the job done, my warped neighbors for moving the stumps and pulling up fence posts, and my warped husband for going with my warped thoughts!  More to come of course!  There is alot more yard to finish!!!  The next project is grass for the back yard (well, better/more grass).

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gail@My Repurposed Life said...

your back yard is going to be fabulous! I like your fence and the stumps!