Friday, August 17, 2012

games and grown up warped stuff

Well, I lost the Monopoly game to the warped little is OK, you learn a lot from the one you loose too, ways to beat them.... ;)

Some little projects are done but, little ones make the bigger ones look better!

Water bottle holder

a place to set drinks and snacks while games are played and something to remember

a raised garden bed for our future garden area

a bench, we made 2 out of our neighbors old deck

our entry way message station. 

 My lovely warped husband painted the ceiling with oops paint. On his own!! He picked out the paint and just did it!!  Awesome!!

Planted pretties by the fence, added post lights, working on a window to hang on the fence to complete the cottage feel the fence provides.

Taught the warped little one how to eat an elephant. (One bite at a time)  It is a simple square frame to make a huge job seem smaller.  It does work!!

 A desk the warped hubby picked up on a curb, it will eventually be a potting bench. 

So far that is it for the updates.  Of course more to come! 

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