Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy Warped New Year!!!

It will be a new year in a few hours. 
New Years Resolutions.....What is your take?  I am not sure I like them, yes it is great in theory.  We are always trying to better ourselves but we also know we will fail (resolutions).  Do we set the bar too high, not high enough (are we tougher than we think we are)?  Once we fail we give up, no getting back on the horse. 
SO....my resolution?  LOL, getting organized.  I found a nifty year long calendar from  www.mysimplerlife.com.  Each day is a short task to complete.  Some look like it should take 15 minutes some longer depending on the amount you have.  I think this is one I can complete.
I have already started.  For Christmas we received some new dishes.  I emptied all cupboards of all other dishes that don't match, we don't use, have doubles.  GONE!!!  Close to 8 boxes have gone to our local Goodwill.  I hope I am able to send 8 boxes a month at the least to Goodwill.  Time to pare down.  Please check it out if you want to get organized also!

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