Sunday, March 11, 2012

Christmas through spring??????

OH boy!  I did not realize I still had pictures from Christmas on my camera.  So let's start with SPRING!!!  Last weekend I raked the front flower bed and collected 2 lawn bags of yard waste!  I now need to collect that for our compost (which is full, and needs put into our veggie beds!)   I did not take pics of that but more work needs done so I will fix that.
Today, my husband and I dug up 4 Rose of Sharron's and one holly plant and replanted them.  The Rose of Sharon's were all in a row now they are in a cluster and enlarges our area in the back yard.  There used to be a fence there and was taken out last year.

We are keeping one fence post to have an anchor for nets for badminton or any other game. 
My warped husband also tilled the back corner of our yard to move our raised beds.

Even though our winter was very mild, I didn't get outside much.  And I should have.  But I did do a few thing inside.  Now this was a month ago is now well used, and laundry day.  LOL!  The paint color was Oops paint!  Beautiful color!  It is only on those two walls.  Not sure what to paint the other wall where the washer and dryer are.  I am thinking what ever color that will be should be continued in the "furnace room".

The next project is our furnace room, that is used right now for storage of computer stuff and craft stuff.  Not real organized, I have not been in there for a long while, and it shows, this is embarrassing..

I have a HUGE pile for Goodwill, tons thrown out, fabric in bins and semi-organized.  and some crafts organized.  Still lots to do, like finding a paint color.  I have thought about it for oh...2 years.  I have no idea what color to paint it in there.  There is not a lot of natural light, so something light.  Who knows.  I love nice weather, it really perks me up to work.

Now for a little bit of christmas.  I won't go into too much detail, but I made a pretty star for our mantel.
That I think is all.  Well, there is more, but will catch you up later. (I found the tutorial on youtube.

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