Saturday, March 31, 2012

Time for catch up

Ok, what is first...fence.

We have the back yard done FINALLY!!!  Here is the progression.

The leafy area now houses this project.

Lets go through the arbor shall we?  What path do we choose?

I know.....time to dig

What else can we do?  Game table and chairs??

It has been too cold this week to get them in the back yard, but I am sure you remember my checker board/chess board?
That is going the the stump.
Here are some random pics of the back yard right now. 

This area is where the "table" is going.  I think we are keeping one of the poles for a badmitten net.
My curb find, broke.  It is fine, I am redoing it!  It used to look like this...

 The flower box is trying to grow onions, we had a frost here so I hope they survive.

well, that is what has been going on here for the past 2 weeks!!  It has been beautiful weather!!  So take advantage and run with it!!

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